Wednesday, December 31, 2008

{ last day of 2008 }

Hee, remembered to give my artblog some love on the last day of the year. Feeling a little depressed today, but I still want to listen to my {Distrails} album and immerse in sadness? I find it's good for production of art and things. Though being close to tears might not be all that great a feeling. ._.
Art above was completed yesterday. Purely digital practice piece done in photoshop using purely hard-round brushes and the eraser. Kaecile's the boy on the left. He's my half-demon elf who's confused on his standing in the world of demons and day elves. Next to him is his demon admirer, Japonica. She's one hot chick who's in love in Kaecile. Though Kaecile might end up loving another lady. :( Poor Japonica.
I hope I can do much better art-wise for the year 2009. Less procrastination and more hard work.:)
Have a great New Year, everyone!