Monday, May 25, 2009

a girl.

A rough-looking piece. I finally painted a human, though it's unfortunately nothing wham bam in my opinion. I need to get my drawing fire back... The pencil drawing thing where I can create crisply detailed characters in nice poses. T_T

Friday, May 22, 2009

sweet orchard

Friday, the last day of the work week. Yay. I am looking forward to tomorrow, where I will be tasting some yummy cakes at Canele. But before that, I need to photograph my dolls in their newest clothes sewn by my mother. I will need to do more research on some human fashion shoots so I may try to improve.A whee bit of stagnant going on with the dollies. I have yet to own a candy-themed doll that's all pastels, sweets and creams. I want a pink-haired or blue-haired character with soft features and dresses in heavily layered long gowns of frills, lace and ruffles. I've always wanted one character like that but it's yet to happen. Need to do something about this else I'll feel a little stiffled.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

dessert time!

Arrr, one of the reasons why I'd love to be wealthy is to be able to spend lots and lots on delicious cakes. -nomnom- Plate's a little out of shape... perspective of cake is a little off as well, but oh well. I don't have the energy right now to keep tweaking it. I do admit this is pretty rushed and a little unfocused. Excuse: I'm still babying my recovering sore eye.

Ohh, and Typeracer is pretty fun. My highest was 96 wpm. Some people type 201 wpm, which is incredibly amazing.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Monday again.

I've been resting for some time due to The Eye again. Doctor and I could finally point a definite finger at my workplace's air conditioning system for providing dryness. I have now moved opposite my original seat temporarily to help my eye recover fully (this seat has me facing away from the air-conditioner's fan).

Here's another 'speedy' with reference to one of the pictures from Mr. Hans Bacher's Moments collection of images. I like this sort of feeling the most (especially when I'm daydreaming)...

And here's a composition piece I doodled for fun. Excuse the rubbish on the floor. Would work better if the whites are stark whites, though. It's a little sad how I didn't have any inspiration for Wacom's [Bring your vision to life] contest. :( I suppose I don't feel skilled enough to produce something for it yet.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

a bucket

So here's another colour practice. I got a little too hasty with this one. The flowers were pretty badly done. I lost my focus for the stems, I suppose. Anyway, I hope I can become more productive... Like, at least one piece a day? ;__; I'm such a lazy bum. Music is totally pushing me on, though! Namie Amuro + Wheesung + Se7en power!

Oh yes, these little pieces usually take me a few hours. Perhaps 1 to 2 hours. All done on a single layer without the use of the eraser. Speedpaint? My reference photo was from Kristin Bradley on Flickr.

Oh, oh, and my boss brought the art team to a meeting with Imaginary Friends Studio the day before yesterday! -flails- It was so awesome meeting the artists in person and I got to shake hands with the three founders: Artgerm, Kai and Kunkka. My mood lifted quite a bit after this visit. :) Inspired by real people, indeed. I was a little disappointed I didn't bring any namecards to give in return to the ones I received. Oops. ._.

On another note, the weather's been rather odd. Thundering and pouring in the wee hours of the morning and going cloudless in the day. The sun's unforgiving rays can burn things right off the surface, I tell you. However, the grasses and trees are surviving. I enjoy the quiet walks to work every day. Sometimes, leaves rustle in the cool breeze. Other times, mynahs and sparrows hop around on the verdant grasses by the road. The sky can be so blue. I do miss the large expanse of unblocked skies I could see in Sydney though. The sky here gets blocked so often.