Friday, April 29, 2011

busy busy!

Started working on my new site layout and finally finished planning for one of the pages.
Here's a peek (I haven't finished aligning the arrows all to the right yet)! -

Hmm, looking at the w.i.p. shot up there makes me feel there might be changes to the layout. Oh well, I see things differently every day. Haha... Hopefully, the final layout I put up will be one I'm proud of.
It's going to be quite an ambitious layout. I want to put in more effort in displaying my works, as well as have fun working on my layouting. I've done a study on grids in school a long time ago and loved how it works. Josef Müller-Brockmann's such a genius with it.

Oh, darn, my macbook's O key is conking up. 3: Not now! I've yet to start saving up money for an iMac. It's been on my wishlist for the longest. Hope I can get it this year?
Arr, I'm so tired and sleepy already. Gotta wake up early for work tomorrow.

Can't wait to complete more pages tomorrow! <3

Friday, April 22, 2011

some music to get you going

Just last night, I discovered Korean girl group f(x)'s newest song Danger. The first listen didn't yield much emotion from me, however, after watching the mv and listening to it a couple more times, I was moving to the beat in no time. I like their side-head-bobbing and the zig zag dance moves. Listening to this makes me do chest popping a lot! :>

I also find it intriguing that they have a tomboy in the group. I've heard of Amber some time back when I was watching clips of Key from SHINee. I had thought she was a boy and a cute one too. She's famous for her boyish charm. It's great that Kpop has this genre of artistes too. More people will be able to identify with the various types of people in the entertainment industry. Other than the cutesy, the sexy, the girl next door, we now have the charming tomboy too.

Here are some screenshots from their colourful mtv. The Koreans always spend so much effort creating interesting and artistic backgrounds for their artistes. I'm not a fan of their clothes sometimes, but the overall style and feel works.

Can you see I'm partial towards the blond girl's style? Love the fuzzy hair and sparkly eye makeup.

The following scene had these members standing and with their clothes changing over and over. I wonder if they had to keep changing their clothes and go into the same position to get this done, or whether it was composited?

I hope they can become more popular and earn big bucks. Korean music artistes work so hard in their singing and dancing so they can give audiences the highest quality entertainment they can get. They practised dancing till they're soaked in perspiration, and their stamina would probably be one of the best because they can sound awesome singing AND dancing. It's not just simple gliding around, it's hip hop moves. This makes Kpop groups number #1 on my list of favourite pop groups around the world. No half-hearted slipshod moves and weak vocals from these folks.