Thursday, April 30, 2009


Another sad little colour background practice... Oops, the sun is a tad dirty...

I think I'm slowly getting inspired to draw character art... Seeing so many awesome artworks by the Korean artists online is making my fingers itch more to create something new... I just don't know who to draw and I want to come up with more new characters of my own. I used to create characters by the dozens each week. What the heck... ._.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I figured since I have no idea what I want to draw for myself, I'd just practise on colours and stuff... Here's a little colour lighting practice I did based on one of the pictures of the model buildings from the animated adaptation of the musical CATS. I had my reference from Mr Hans Bacher's blog. :]
This was done wholly without picking colours from the original photo. x_x I've been guilty of picking colours from photos to colour my things because I'm lazy. Working off my bad habits, I kind of surprised myself. The histogram didn't turn out almost the same, but it's fun! I love the colours in this.

I've been going through his blog for the past few days, prior to attending his fulltime course I just signed up with CG Protege scheduled to start at the end of June. <3

And another try below, with one of Onixa on DA's photos for reference. She captures a lovely combination of colours/treats her photos very well. I love viewing her photographs because of the different feels I get from each.

Oh, and this poor girl whom I've been stuck on for the past few weeks. x_x I had reference for her awesome pose and it was originally full bodied, but I realise how she looked odd. Cropping seemed feasible. Is she holding onto a whip?! A baton? A baseball bat? What?? I think I'm procrastinating on this chick... Oh wait, her left hand is off. ARGH.

>> Listening to Namie Amuro's [ Best Fiction ] album now. She sounds so hawt. Well, I usually don't take English R&B well because the lyrics get way too raunchy for me (though sometimes it's unfortunate as the music is great on the other hand). Korean and Japanese work better as long as I don't search up the lyric translations. :x I suppose I go for music/beats/rhythms more than lyrics.

Health-wise, my sore eye is STILL around after more than a month. I just wish it'll go away NOW. Dammit... It's freaking me out seeing my left eye blood red in the mornings. =_= Also, I freak people out with my 'demon eye'... It's embarrassing. :(

Friday, April 24, 2009

fleur ange~

Feeling a little more artsy so I finally got around to scanning this lineart I did in January. Her head and hair were mostly done, just the body was missing. With help from my beautiful doll (a Unoa Zero), I had reference to draw her hand and stuff. :3 Unons have the prettiest hands of all dollies in my opinion.

So I messed around in photoshop with the colours and textures from cgtextures. :] I worked with a colour palette I created on Colour Lovers (though not stringently). I actually wanted to do a mirror image thing, but I've yet to try it out. Perhaps next time?

This image was originally created for Valentine's Day. ._. Rather late, I might say...

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Haven't had enough push to produce completed pieces lately... I suppose I'm stuck in an art block. :( Anyway, here are some gestures and little renders I've done with a mechanical pencil over the past few weeks. ._. The latest is the brooding statue I rendered earlier today. Wanted to observe more light/shadows and fabric folds. Badly mishapen hair on my part, I'm afraid... But I love spotting how light reflects on shadowed parts! It just seems so miraculous. -physics sloth-