Thursday, June 11, 2009


Haven't painted for quite a while. Didn't have inspiration and I had work to do. Here's one referred from a photo from mr. Hans Bacher's nature moments collection of photos:

Another one's coming, to make up for my lack of painting activity.

Went shopping at Zara yesterday. I love the soft fabrics they have for most of their clothes, it just feels absolutely divine to wear and touch. I am still wanting to have a luxurious spree there one day. The daydream of being able to purchase more than 2 pieces in their stores one day.
I just searched them up on wiki and read about their 'fast fashion' state. I like this marketing strategy of theirs:

"The company's instant fashion model, which completely rotated its retail stock every two weeks, also encouraged customers to return often to its stores, with delivery day becoming known as "Z-day" in some markets. The knowledge that clothing items would not be available for very long also encouraged shoppers to make their purchases more quickly." quoted from their Wiki page.

I do feel like that! There was this one time I went there in search of a dress to wear to a friend's wedding dinner and found a pretty royal purple dress. I didn't buy it thinking I ought to look around more in the other shops. And just a few days later I decided I will get that dress after all, only to return and find it out of stock. :( That is how fast their items disappear off the racks. So from then on, I made up my mind that should I fancy anything when I'm there I ought to get it immediately so as not to disappoint myself. Of course, it shouldn't be impulsive buys, but smart buys. Buys I know that I will definitely wear countless times.

I hope my dolly clothing shop online can be somewhat like this, too. I recently stated in announcements that we do not make large quantities of products. One item is usually a one-of-a-kind or limited to less than 10 pieces. I feel that our items are exclusive this way, plus we are not a factory, but more of a small shop. Our prices are reasonable as well, compared to other doll clothing makers in the market. Plus quality is on par or even better too, since my mother's sewing skills are phenomenal. <3>

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

some relaxing photos

I recently found this Korean fashion shop online and I love their style of photography. It's so soft, and gives me a relaxing feeling that I like. These are some of my favourites from their website. Fashion photos have inspired me alot for drawing and my own photography for dolls. :) I love looking at photographs.
You can visit their shop here. They have video representations for every product, it's so extravagant!

I've recently found yet another nice song sung by Hatsune Miku. It's a trance piece called [Silence]. I have also started relistening to Gackt's 2000 album, [Mars]. I still like [Ares] best, of course, it goes perfect with [Asrun Dream], the song that comes right after it. :( It's been nine years since I started liking Gackt's things... It's sad how I only like his older works. I suppose I prefer him in his angsty jrock stage in life more than his popstar thing now.

Monday, June 1, 2009

something I forgot

Another quick piece I forgot to upload. I did this on the 7th... The sunlight in the bottom middle got a little smudged/muddy/unnatural.. But I like the lighting still.

Oh, and beautiful song and powerful images here on Youtube. It's called [KOKORO], and sung by a NicoNico Singer, Namakonyuruko. Though, the original piece was sung by a vocaloid. I like this mv better. :) Ah... Perhaps I ought to dig up that album of Hatsune Miku's I still have with me. I listened too much to it that I grew sick of the songs. Oops... That's what happens to most of my listening-happy songs. :( I listen too much and kill the joys in them. Hope I like them again now.