Wednesday, December 31, 2008

{ last day of 2008 }

Hee, remembered to give my artblog some love on the last day of the year. Feeling a little depressed today, but I still want to listen to my {Distrails} album and immerse in sadness? I find it's good for production of art and things. Though being close to tears might not be all that great a feeling. ._.
Art above was completed yesterday. Purely digital practice piece done in photoshop using purely hard-round brushes and the eraser. Kaecile's the boy on the left. He's my half-demon elf who's confused on his standing in the world of demons and day elves. Next to him is his demon admirer, Japonica. She's one hot chick who's in love in Kaecile. Though Kaecile might end up loving another lady. :( Poor Japonica.
I hope I can do much better art-wise for the year 2009. Less procrastination and more hard work.:)
Have a great New Year, everyone!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

some quirky illustrations?

Site is up!
:) Some updates with work illustrations I did for a Malaysian band's website. Link will be up when the site's ready and you can see more with animation~

I drew most of the elements (basically everything except for the drum city at the left back, the boulevard in the centre back and the mountains in the bg).

I like the telephone guy too. :3 I made him into a sticker. Hee.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

test paint

I chanced upon my fellow colleague, Kai, watching this artist produce his works by using photographs in the initial process and then treating and manipulating them to paint over etc. I find it pretty useful, since I'm still learning how to pick colours for paintings. Though I don't use the guy's method 100% like he does, I just made use of the pictures for colours. :]

I prefer using photographs as textures, but I think I would be happy to manipulate photos to get interesting shapes to form new art.

The above was a test paint using colours from the original flower image I had. I love the blues and yellows. Her hair colour wasn't part of the original image though. She's giving off a rather pierrot/clown-like quality because of her skin and lip colours. It's still rather flat though. I'm not satisfied with the shading (or lack thereof). Oh well, better one next time.

Oh, and she reminds me of my doll girl, Kotone. I wanted to paint/draw the next dolly I'm saving up for. She's going to have a snow white skintone, is sleepy-eyed and look like a bisque/antique doll? I'm so not saving much at all. -weeps-

Monday, September 15, 2008

First Hardboiled Article

The company I'm working in right now has this online magazine called Hardboiled. I was given my first Flash-based article to work on last month, and I did one called Flower Power. The issue's theme is the Hippie era, so Flower Power is all about pro-peace.
My very first attempt was way ghey and unacceptable. =A= I lacked the inspiration for a 'Flashy' layout and I didn't like it very much. However, when news came in that MTVi wanted to make use of the theme to launch a photo contest, I was eager to revamp the layouts! X3 So yay, here be uber colourful designs to feed your eyes! Haha... I worked on the little animations as well, though I must say it's not that great. Got to get more used to animating more elements in a flash article. ^^ The article was scripted by my com's scripting whiz and I had a little help from my art director as well. :]
You guys can visit the live website here at MTVi and do join in the photo contest! ^^=
Below are some stills of the article layouts I did.

Friday, August 1, 2008


Here be a rough scenery piece I did up for fun (with photoshop's watercolour brush and an oil painting texture slapped on). I had reference for it, but I didn't follow everything exactly :x ) :

Did a digital sketch of a bird girl yesterday. :x She was originally a mermaid, but I didn't like the flow of her body so she eventually became a singing bird human lady. Sketching's fun.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Brian Biedul references

I just found Brian Biedul's wonderful series of oil paintings titled Spaces. So I tried to work on some sketches with reference from his series:

His original pieces:

And here be my 10~15minute renditions in photoshop (ugly toes and all):

twins / mirror image

A quickie I did just now:

:x I ought to resist posting 'sketchy', 'sort-of incomplete' artworks on my DA. =_= Since now I have this yummy artblog which isn't governed by the comments/faves that people give... ._. Oh well...

Hmm, a piece on a very cliche/heavily-used theme of one's mirror image being alive, or having an evil twin. I originally wanted to paint a peroxide blonde guy (who was going to be inspired by this guy I saw last evening on the streets) but argh, I couldn't make it. I want to do more dynamic posing, but what did I end up with. =_= I've always wanted to try reflective patterns, and this is a half-step towards it. A very neutral piece for now. I haven't gone in depth like using colours to represent each side's wrath/tranquility and making more use of different forms. So yup. First half-step. Will do better next time.

Painted this while listing to 阿兰 (A Lan)'s [心·战], [明日への讃歌] and [ひとつ]. She's so talented, I like her voice and her high notes. You can watch some of her pv's on youtube: here, here (fave high notes) and here. Her voice raises good goosebumps. :)

Monday, July 28, 2008

r e v i v a l

It's been many years since I last used blogspot for doing journals. :) Now I'm starting up this new journal as more of an art dump for sketches and finished work etc.
Some digital sketches I did today to refresh my mind about the human form. I haven't practised gesture drawing for many weeks already and I feel very stiff. I'll scan in the other gesture drawings I did during the last three months and post them up.

While here're some w.i.p's of the [End Earth] character, Nyl: (yes, there are quite a bit of unproportionate parts here and there, everywhere lol)

Here's an illustration for one of the children's book ideas about a little vampire child (dated 30th of June):

And a digital painting of a bust done on the 9th of June this year. :[

:) That's all for now.