Thursday, August 2, 2012

some works!

Cross section of a strawberry!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Started something new

Yesterday marked my second class in a watercolour course by Mr Marvin Chew. It's held at Sogan Art Galerie, in the quiet Mosque Street a walk from Chinatown mrt station. I've never had proper training in traditional painting before, and thought it would be useful to understand colours in person instead of just in the digital realms. For digital painting, I could plan and know what I'm doing when it's digital. However, in watercolours, my brain gets blocked partially and all my observations on real-life lighting and colours get locked up and I know not what I am doing. :/ Just perhaps, trying to imitate my teacher.

And it's bad how I go into paralysis at every stage of painting. Watercolours is like putting on layers and layers of colours, from light to dark. There is this fear that I may ruin something so I sometimes just stay put and leave my eyes to dart around.

At least during my second class, I was more bold, but it still felt like I was bulldozing forward without a clear plan, and that scares me. I want to be more in control when I paint. To logically reach the final image I want to create, but I guess it's hard because I never know what colour will leave my brush after a mix so I cannot really plan? The paintings I've done felt like accidents. :x

Anyway, here're the two pieces I've done (with much help from the teacher :p I'm so thankful he comes by and tells me what's missing, shows me examples of what I can do at the stages I freeze at), they aren't exactly complete yet, too:

And my still-new white watercolour palette and paintbrushes. :> Feels so pro. Hahaha... Hopefully soon, I'll be painting at home too, not just at class. Practice makes perfect and I doubt once a week is a good enough exercise to get to know this medium properly. :/

Monday, April 16, 2012


After spending a couple of the past few days reading Trinity Blood manga, I finally had inspiration to draw something (and a happy smiling girl at that)! ^^ Here's a peek of her and me having fun posing with a pencil. :>

Actually, seeing another artist's artwork with flowing hair made me want to draw a girl with flowy hair too. This is a more manga styled artwork, with the typical large eyes. I miss the Alichino/Trinity Blood gothic style so much and am very pleased to be able to draw somebody in this mish mash style. :> Lol, maybe the colouring's going to be pin-up style. We'll see!