Sunday, November 1, 2009


Currently I've sort of deserted my tumblr account. This is my usual bad habit. Inhabiting somewhere online and if I do not use it for long, it gets covered in cobwebs. Sometimes they come back to life, other times they remain dead.
So I'm now working as a temp staff at a statuary board, doing administrative work. Totally nothing to do with art or design. What I need to use most there is my left brain. I borrowed a book from the library, called The Creative License. I finally got around to finding self-help books on picking up art again.
Also, I got inspired and started working out some new characters for an old story. It's bad how I love my villain so much. I don't even have a clear view of my protagonist yet, and my villain already has his storyarcs planned out. I'm fine with it, better than having nothing thought out.

Here're some pages from the sketchbook journal I started in October!
And the below is a sneak on something I'm working on now, after a long, long time. I finally went through 400+ worth of deviations on my DA account (I was so inactive) and I came across Loish's Disney colouring page piece. So I figured, since I can't draw anything to paint, why not try to paint something already available in the style of an old master!
I am happy with my trees and backgrounds... However, I get so intimidated painting human skin. :( I'm stuck painting Snow White. I have no idea how to continue... T__T

Lol, and you don't even get to have a sneak peek on Snow White, whether it be her skin or her clothes. :( That bad....