Thursday, September 5, 2013

Making Courage Work - Week #3: Update 3

DD completion till Tuesday, 3rd Sept:
- 3/3 Doodles (COMPLETE)
- 0 Style emulation (O/S: 6)
- 5 Freeflow art (O/S: 2)
- 4 Speed paint (O/S: 3)
- 12 chapters Bible reading (COMPLETE)

Doodles for the week:

2 freeflows below doodles.

And speed watercolour paintings... Same view but different days.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Making Courage Work - Week #3: Update 2

DD completion for Thursday, 29th Aug:
- 3/3 Doodles (COMPLETE)
- 0 Style emulation - Andy Warhol
- 0 Freeflow art
- 1 Speed paint (COMPLETE)
- 2 chapters Bible reading (COMPLETE)

Here're doodles for today and tomorrow. Don't think these fashion doodles were good today, proportions were all over the place.. >_< Will need to head back to the old house tomorrow to grab my watercolour brushes for the upcoming trip to Kata beach, so I foresee a lack of time available...

A super speedy...

Will continue updates in a bit.. Gosh I'm just dying to jump under the covers and fall asleep....

Making Courage Work - Week #3: Update 1

DD completion for Wednesday, 28th Aug:
- 3/3 Doodles (COMPLETE)
- 1 Style emulation - CLAMP's CCS (COMPLETE)
-  1 Freeflow art (COMPLETE)
-  1Speed paint (COMPLETE)
- 2 chapters Bible reading (COMPLETE)
Drew three people at Toast Box while waiting for dinner to arrive, and beginning the first drawing in my Bag Collection theme art piece. ^^=

Here's my style emulation of CLAMP, my childhood favourite. Flipping through one of the Cardcaptor Sakura artbooks, I can't help but find their protagonist such an innocent and sweet girl. They really drew her well. All their delicate lines and simple forms, plus pretty fabric folds and flower petals... :)

One outstanding speed paint as I'm not sure what to paint. x__x I'll head off to bed now!

*updated on 29th Aug: speedpaint of leather skirt texture.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Making Courage Work - Week #2: Final Progress

DD completion over the past 7 days:
- 28/21 Doodles (COMPLETE)
- 3/7 Style emulations (Wed, Thurs and Sun)
- 4/7 Freeflow art
- 7/7 Speed paints (COMPLETE)
- 16/14 chapters Bible reading (COMPLETE)

Total works over past 11 days:
- 43/33 Doodles
- 7/11 Style emulations
- 7/11 Freeflow art
- 11/11 Speed paints
- 24/22 chapters of the Bible read

Here are the speedpaints.

A reference speed paint of Albert Bierstadt's California Spring.

Freeflow art (waves to represent the ebbing and throbbing of gastric pain lol; dotted art of a peony with reference):

Will continue updating as the day goes by! :)

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Making Courage Work - Week #2: Progress 3

DD completion:
- 28/15 doodles
- 3 x style emulations (Wed, Thurs and Sun)
- 2 x Freeflow art
- 10 chapters Bible reading

- 2 speed paints
- 2 style emulations
- 5 freeflow art

Doodles for today (bottom page). I realise I prefer doodling more than anything else because it's easy and I can doodle anywhere anytime..:

And this is a sketch of a model's hair from So-En magazine. Hopefully this can come under the category of style emulation):

Speedpaints from a photo references! Second one's a little hastily done. T_T

Making Courage Work - Week #2: Progress 2

DD completion:
- 15/12 doodles
- 2 x style emulations (Wed and Thurs)
- 1 x Freeflow art
- 8 chapters Bible reading

- 3 speed paints

Gosh, pretty badly behind this week. Just quite a bit of activities occurring. I am missing 4 speed paints because I haven't been able to access my Mac and tablet. :(

Doodles for Thursday and Friday (plus a super tiny freeflow art on the left corner). I enjoy drawing models like this!:

One style emulation of Mucha's drawings:

And this pretty bad speed paint. I'm so darn sleepy and tired from this day's activities! Had 1.5hrs of tennis this morning, then Alpha course, then tea at le bf's friend's place, and then a social event last.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Making Courage Work - Week #2: Progress 1

DD completion:
- 3 doodles
- 2 x style emulations (Wed and Thurs)
- 1 x Freeflow art
- 2 chapters Bible reading

- 1 speed paint

Quick update for the day.

Doodles and 2x style emulations. One is of famous Japanese artist Hokusai, and another is more of a movie still layout study of various movies.

Freeflow art: