Sunday, August 25, 2013

Making Courage Work - Week #2: Progress 2

DD completion:
- 15/12 doodles
- 2 x style emulations (Wed and Thurs)
- 1 x Freeflow art
- 8 chapters Bible reading

- 3 speed paints

Gosh, pretty badly behind this week. Just quite a bit of activities occurring. I am missing 4 speed paints because I haven't been able to access my Mac and tablet. :(

Doodles for Thursday and Friday (plus a super tiny freeflow art on the left corner). I enjoy drawing models like this!:

One style emulation of Mucha's drawings:

And this pretty bad speed paint. I'm so darn sleepy and tired from this day's activities! Had 1.5hrs of tennis this morning, then Alpha course, then tea at le bf's friend's place, and then a social event last.

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