Thursday, August 29, 2013

Making Courage Work - Week #3: Update 2

DD completion for Thursday, 29th Aug:
- 3/3 Doodles (COMPLETE)
- 0 Style emulation - Andy Warhol
- 0 Freeflow art
- 1 Speed paint (COMPLETE)
- 2 chapters Bible reading (COMPLETE)

Here're doodles for today and tomorrow. Don't think these fashion doodles were good today, proportions were all over the place.. >_< Will need to head back to the old house tomorrow to grab my watercolour brushes for the upcoming trip to Kata beach, so I foresee a lack of time available...

A super speedy...

Will continue updates in a bit.. Gosh I'm just dying to jump under the covers and fall asleep....

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