Thursday, August 29, 2013

Making Courage Work - Week #3: Update 1

DD completion for Wednesday, 28th Aug:
- 3/3 Doodles (COMPLETE)
- 1 Style emulation - CLAMP's CCS (COMPLETE)
-  1 Freeflow art (COMPLETE)
-  1Speed paint (COMPLETE)
- 2 chapters Bible reading (COMPLETE)
Drew three people at Toast Box while waiting for dinner to arrive, and beginning the first drawing in my Bag Collection theme art piece. ^^=

Here's my style emulation of CLAMP, my childhood favourite. Flipping through one of the Cardcaptor Sakura artbooks, I can't help but find their protagonist such an innocent and sweet girl. They really drew her well. All their delicate lines and simple forms, plus pretty fabric folds and flower petals... :)

One outstanding speed paint as I'm not sure what to paint. x__x I'll head off to bed now!

*updated on 29th Aug: speedpaint of leather skirt texture.

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