Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Some good resting!

Completed my digital portfolio and managed to put it up on the website last night! The site's now also a temporary white surface with links to places I inhabit on the internet. Once I manage to decide on how big I want my thumbnails to be (yeah, what the heck), the complete look will be uploaded! *aghast*

I managed to become a Creative Professional on behance.net, but I haven't gotten a chance to tinker around their portfolio building tools yet. Need to prune my works as well as work on more projects that are current and show the level of my skills. There are so many inspiring people on Behance and Cargo Collective, it's mindblowing. :) There is also my pile of design books I need to ravage (currently I'm into {Typography Workbook}) so my knowledge of the basics are at least sound.

And by the way, I got 91/100 in this html5 kerning game . :D I got killed by the first question and on another when I wasn't paying attention. o_O Kerning can be so addictive, though. It's something once learnt, you cannot unlearn and all these unkerned logos I see on local websites make me :6.

Other news, I'm always on the lookout for short courses I can attend. I found Orita-Sinclair offering Typography courses at 16hours each. It's a little depressing that timing's 3pm to 5pm, which I was hoping I could try for now that I have flexible hours, but I have my interview this coming Monday at 4pm... :( I wonder if they'll offer this course at 7pm? At least if I get a full time job, I can still go for their classes. *weeps*

So I have been able to dispatch my resumes out to the local companies looking for designers. One interview's set on the 31st this month. I can't wait to be lulled by the flow of working every day. Of course, I still want my weekends to last four days. Life is only this short, other than doing good on your full time job, there is also doing good on your full time life. ;) Before I continue with the typography book, I'm halfway through the last book of {The Hunger Games}! Didn't want to read it because it sounded depressing, but the plots and characters push me on. 3: Cried quite a bit over the unfortunate happenings in it too.

Okay, I think I should head on to working on my doll clothing brand {lovesprung}. Recently decided to change the name and work up a proper branding and identity thing for it. Oh ho, after reading {Logos Design Love} and other branding publications, it is imperative that this project of mine be sounder. :)

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Do it again...

Was scrolling through my past posts and since August the 19th, I have more or less gotten most of the stuff I wanted. I've got all except the A3 papers and an iMac. Haha... The initial design for the new website had frames, but then since I'm not an amazing coder, I've decided to stick to just a single page and using tables instead.

So it's starting a little like all over again, and I'm still in the midst of starting proper, with a concept behind the website and all. All I know is I want to display large pictures on a clean layout with a touch of me in it. Thing is, I'm not sure what design. Hopefully after more brainstorming, I can finally get it going.

I've started my temp job yesterday, working half days this week so I can devote the extra time on working out my site and portfolio. Learnt a fair bit from the previous job that I could only stay for a month and 3 days. I am still reading more design books (currently at the first few pages of Typography Workbook) to increase my knowledge. School just wasn't enough and it took me too long to realize that the education I got was just a tiny touch of the surface.

Oh well, better late then never. I am just glad there are so many good books on grids, universal principles of design, typography, page design etc. for me to read. I just got my {Before & After Graphics for Business} book in the mail today! <3 I've referred to their {How to Design Cool Stuff} and {Page Design} books and liked how useful the information was. I just wish I could read faster!